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內含稅金。 結帳時計算運費

Creative template for Google Ad Manager (GAM), formerly DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). This creative template (also known as the Skin) wraps a web page with a creative.


Supports asynchronous and synchronous GPT tags Requires single image file that makes usage and designing process easy
Compare Two variations of the template - with one source image file or with separate files (image, HTML, third-party tags) for each template part, Top, Left and Right. Customizable and responsive top part.
Enable "Sticky" effect (skin keeps at the fixed position while user scrolls) Enable "Parallax" effect (skin moves with slower speed than user scrolls)
Set custom background color for best skin integration Clear Add close button for creative that allows for users to hide skin.
View_array Show under the header; make it responsive on responsive websites. Serve with or without clickthrough URL
Track ad impressions with 3rd-party tracking URL Supports out-of-page & 1x1 ad-units (impressions counts only when an ad is visible)


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What banner formats are supported in this template?

This creative template supports most popular image formats (.jpg, .png, .gif), HTML banners and third-party tags. HTML and tags support available only for the "multiple" variation where each side and the top part has a separate source file.

Is Flash (SWF) format supported?

This creative template doesn't support Flash (.swf) files. We don't accept Flash files because most modern internet browsers disable Flash content by default currently.

Can I change close button design for this template?

Yes. All who purchase this template will have access to creative template's customization form. This form allows change design for a close button.

Can I change default values for this creative template?

Yes. Default values are changeable for the creative template.

Is this creative template works with DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business?

Yes. All our DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) templates work with DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business. Templates are tested on DFP Small Business mainly.

What access rights required to install this creative template on DFP?

To install this template user requires access to DFP with a role that has "Edit creative templates" permission enabled. Usually, users with role "Administrator" or "Trafficker" have this permission enabled by default.

What ad-unit settings and sizes are the best for this template?

This template works great with size defined ad-units and out-of-page ad-units. Template's appearance doesn't matter to a size of ad-unit. It can be targeted to, almost, any ad-unit.

Does the template support bottom ad placement?

No the template does not support a bottom ad placement.