Website Traffic Generator

Website Traffic Generator

Access your own traffic generator dashboard and create campaigns for you or your clients.

Our push visitors come from any user on our network who has accepted / enabled “notifications” on their device (desktop, mobile & tablet). Push visitors have more location options and include the following benefits

• Create Campaigns
• Automatic Renewal
• Custom Referrals
• Select Traffic Type (Organic, Direct, Social or Referral)
• Target Inner Pages
• City & State Targeting
• Automatic Demographic Targeting
• 100% Compatible with Google Analytics

Our traffic is aimed towards agencies or website owners who need constant visitors registered in Google Analytics only.

Choose from 400 demographics in almost every location around the globe.

How We Generate Traffic

We generate visitors by paying our publishers a fee for displaying your website to their visitors.

Our publisher network consists of millions of high volume websites and mobile applications.

Our platform lets you target these visitors using contextual keywords & location data.

What Is Pop Under Traffic?

Pop-under traffic is similar to pop-up advertising except the ad window that contains your chosen website / landing page will appear hidden behind the main web browser window rather than appearing in front, or in another tab depending on the visitors browser settings.

Are pop under ads effective?
Pop up advertising is extremely common and many users have quickly learned to ignore these advertisements and just close the page without reading them as they are generally considered intrusive, annoying and un-related to what they are viewing already.

Visitors react better to pop under advertising as the ads do not impede the user’s ability to continue reading the website they are currently on, and once finished with that particular piece of content they will view the intended ad in their own time and be more inclined to read the ad and make a decision based on the content rather than automatically closing it like a pop up.

Adult Pop Under Traffic

Adult pop under visitors are perfect for those marketers who run their own adult video sites, stores, forums, live channels & private membership clubs.

If you need to target real people who are currently browsing adult related websites then these visitors are for you. All visitors can be targeted by niche and location.

We highly recommend making sure any videos or live performances do not start playing audio when loaded. Running pop under campaigns to pages that will play audio automatically can result in visitors closing your page straight away.

Choose from 19 different adult demographics in over 245 locations.

Alexa Pop Under Traffic

Need to increase your score? Then these visitors are perfect for you, simply select the rank you would like to achieve and we will target all visitors on our network who have the Alexa toolbar / app installed.

These visitors will slowly increase your rank over a 30 day period. For best results we recommend setting up a subscription and watching your score improve. Adult content is not permitted.

Target visitors in over 245 different locations.

Mobile Pop Under Traffic

Looking to target mobile visitors only? We can target any person on our network currently browsing a website or app that falls into your targeting choices.

Choose from android or apple devices and have your website displayed in a new browser tab on their device.

Choose from 390 different demographics in over 245 locations. Adult content is not permitted.

Desktop & Mobile Traffic

Our self-serve platform means you are fully in charge, from creating each campaign to making changes as needed.

Our smart AI ensures a higher chance to achieve better conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

1/24 rotation rate means no same visitor will see your content within 24 hours

Quality web traffic, real people, stress free growth for your online business.

Social Traffic

Access visitors from several large social media platforms via our platform. We have access to large social accounts, pages, groups, subreddits and influencers who will promote your website to their followers.

Social visitors may run longer than the selected run time, this is due to our team having to attract clicks and visits to your website compared to pop under or push advertising.

Adult content is not permitted.